I am architect and theaterdirector, a born creator, flexible and pliable for all challenging and creative tasks.
This combination has led to many years of experience as an architect - designer - consultant - researcher - teacher and theaterdirector. For my professional career I have gained experience as a draftsman, architectural designer and teacher. In a research project I studied the typology of monumental dutch farms in favor of an inventory system. Within my career as an architect and theatermaker I have also carried out a study into the effects of "movement and space in architecture and theater ' in New York and I've done theater directing for some small productions within the training for theaterdirector.

After earning a children's coach diploma and diploma 'medical knowledge' I have given thematic architecture workshops for primary school pupils .
Next to this I have given autocadles and design guidance to pupils with special learning and behavioral needs of the VSO and of the secondary professional education.
A challenge here was to motivate, stimulate and provide for conceiving, drawing and performing their own design projects and to accompany the students responsibility.
Furthermore, I have given architectural analysis lessons to students of the Department of Industrial Product Design of Windesheim and Interior Design Lessons given for the Institute of Practice Diplomas to adults in Amsterdam and Maastricht.

Vision :

Since my childhood I am inspired by my spatial environment as a space  for man and movement. The awareness of the position of the body in space, the interaction between people and the influence of the mind and the senses, interests me particular. The awareness and acceptation of our body and mind as ‘the form of our existence’ as a spatial structure for  communication.

In thematical architecture-workshops for children I tried to let them experiencing the world of senses and let them produce a metaphor of their experiences that results in their stories or in two-dimension or three-dimension objects.

The message children gave in drawings are mostly direct, pithy, reaching the essential and touching the heart of the matter. I experienced that their mind is open, not prepossessed by thoughts and judgements. Their minds are moving like their bodies in same time.
It was interesting how different the reactions and concepts were, each fitting their own experience of body and mind. By determining the objects in lines, planes, colour, texture, light, massifs, form, scale, repetition and rhythm we could communicate on the same level without prepossessed points of view.
Out of the seeds of this concept blossoms new flowers in time. Like Zeami said: 'when seeds are nurtured and cared for over a long period, flowers will blossom in due time’ Zeam

Ernestine Alexandrine de Wilde de Ligny is born in Manado (Dutch-Indie) and moved as a baby with her brother, sister, parents and grandmother to The Hague, Netherlands. During her primary school end high school HBS-B at the Marnix van St. Aldegonde Lyceum, she lived in Haarlem. She is educated as an architect. She started her architecture study at the Technical University in Delft and at the Academie van Bouwkunst Arnhem she achieved a masterdegree for architect specialized in architecture and city-planning. She finished her study with an international project by designing a living- community for elderly people at the Mediterranean coast of Altea at Spain.
Next to her business Ernestine completed two years of the kaderopleiding for theaterregisseur KCG Arnhem and is working as theatre director with toneelgroep Elckerlyc Geldermalsen. Her exam -production with this group was showed in June 2010 at Het Lingehuis Geldermalsen and at the examenfestival at the Theaterfabriek Rotterdam.
During her study in 1972 Ernestine began her career at an international project at Shoa Sugarestate at Ethiopia with working at the buildingsite of a recreation centre for the staff of Handels Vereniging Amsterdam. In 1976 till 1980 she coordinated a renovation project and made technical drawings for homes, offices and hospitals at architectenbureau van Egmond Enschede and Bureau Wiegerinck Arnhem. In 1980 she also worked one year at a scientific research-project at the Stichting Historisch Boerderijonderzoek Arnhem to build up an inventarisationsystem for monumental farmhouses.
After achieving her masterdegree as architect she worked together with her husband in 1984 till 1998 at their own architectenbureau Louterligny-architecten.
Next to this work she worked till 2000 parttime at the building and environmental planning section of the municipalities at Haarlem, Heemstede, Rijnsburg, Waterland , Schiedam en Liemeer.
In 2000 Ernestine started to work as a rayonarchitect for the municipality Amsterdam and till juli 2009 for the Gelders Genootschap Arnhem. During this time she was advisor for building and environmental planning and consultant for the local authorities and councils on building-policy and procedures.
In juli 2009 Ernestine started her new company Deepscene for management events on architecture and art.
Ernestine guided a studentproject ‘Dreams and Reality’ at the Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam, she gave lectures ‘Experiencing Architecture’ at the ‘Nut van het Algemeen” Capelle a/d IJssel and gave the childrencourses ‘Architectuur ontdekken’ en ‘Architectuuravontuur’ at the Ontdekplek en the ABC-architectuurinstitute Haarlem.